Some of the best music on comes from Bad Lip Reading, a mysterious group of content creators who make some of the  most awesome music videos you’ve ever seen. This time they take another wild swing at the Star Wars universe, and in specific The Empire Strikes Back, with Luke Skywalker singing the lead in this epic rap battle between snow speeder and AT-AT walker on the planet Hoth.

Whoever they have doing the voice of Luke Skywalker in this really has it nailed. It’s the same voice as in previous Star Wars spoof videos they’ve done, and because we don’t actually know who this people are, for all we know it could actually be Hamill.

Weirder things have happened.

Be sure to pause the stream while you watch this. Then turn the stream back up and listen for this tune, as it’s now part of our regular Star Wars play library.

May the Farce Be With You.


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