While all of fandom is in happy gyrations over both the much awaited Star Trek: Discovery and the surprise hit The Orville, the CW has been busy making more superhero magic. The Flash, starring Grant Gustin, is now about two weeks away, and the trailer for the fourth season is out! Here it is:

You’ll remember that at the end of Season 3, Barry sacrifices himself to save the world, and answers the call of the Speed Force, which welcomes him home forever. Unfortunately that means he is also lost to the ones he loves forever — or so it would seem. If the series were going to continue, obviously Barry Allen has to come back.

And he does, but the Speed Force will have left its mark on the formerly bubbly personality of our favorite speed-enhanced forensic scientist. In the trailer, Gustin speaks not one word, and spends most of his time staring off into space instead of interacting with his friends and family. He returns obviously very much more powerful than he was. The trailer now hints that he may have powers not unlike a god, but does he still have the spark of humanity that makes him a hero?

Set your DVR’s. The new season of the Flash starts on the CW on October 10.



SCIFI Radio Staff

SCIFI Radio Staff

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