This just dropped in our laps out of the clear blue. It’s a four minute prologue for the upcoming Alien: Covenant, and it helps set up the characters. You know, those pesky things you have to be made to care about before the hacking and slashing starts.  The clip also sets up the story. The Covenant is a colonization mission, and this bunch of friendly, happy yahoos (who also happen to be experts in their various fields) are having one last party before they go into cryo-sleep for the long journey ahead.

The tone is happy and light, but foreshadows what’s to come. Oh, and if you want to see the trailer for the new film, opening May 17, we have that for you too:

This film looks every bit as thrilling and horrifying as the rest of the Ridley Scott franchise. It’s directed by Ridley Scott himself, and starts Michael Fassbender, James Franco, & Noomi Rapace. Fassbender plays not one but two androids, David and Walter. There are rumors of a new alien bioform too, called a “neomorph”.  

Good stuff. We can’t wait.



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