These days you have to be ready to jump in and do everything at once if you’re going to make it. Any film maker or musician has to be ready to go transmedia right out of the gate. Those that can manage this are the new wizards of our modern age, and a new band called Yolk have just received their wands.

Drawing heavily from Japanese fantasy influences and the impressionist pop art movement, YØLK presents their single, GTFO. Don’t worry, it’s safe for work despite the title.

The band describes themselves as “a multi-media music + art organism out to seduce your sensory cortex.” We don’t doubt it for a minute, and after watching this safe-for-work video, neither will you.

This music video, the group’s first, is a 360° video. While you’re watching it, click and drag in the image and you’ll get to pan around the camera’s viewpoint and see everything going on around you.

The four members of this Los Angeles band are Matt, AS1, Trav, and Ghost.   Dubbed as “Alternative / Rock / Alien pop”, YØLK draws various flavors from diverse genres such as alternative rock, world music, and video game scores. Songwriter and captain of this vessel, AS1 is sibling to rhythm guitarist Matt. The brother-sister duo met and recruited Trav in the winter of 2009. As of March 2013, Ghost joined crew.

The four of them make up a performance art ensemble that seems to be simultaneously firing off in unexpected directions, yet  also seem to know exactly what they’re about. Everything they do feels out of control, but a closer look shows that they’re precisely on message, precisely in synch, and in precise control of the reality they create.

Join them on their journey through the fantastic. And you may just have your new favorite song. Today, this one is ours.

You can find more of their work on ReverbNation.


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