This week’s guest on The Event Horizon is a relative newcomer to science fiction. She is Stephanie Weippert, author of Sweet Secrets from TANSTAAFL Press, a book about magic, alternate worlds, and cooking. It’s about the adventures of a young boy who intercepts some chocolates not actually meant for him. While this sounds like something most seven year old boys have done, that’s where things get interesting. The chocolates have teleportational properties, and young Michael finds himself on another world with no way back. He is inducted into magical cooking school, and he discovers that he is unusually gifted in the art of food magic.

Stephanie L. Weippert is bibliophile — full stop. Leave her alone for ten minutes and she will be reading or writing. She’s married and claims she and her husband are naturally insane in a fun an harmless way. Together they do filking and other musical hobbies. Their teen boys often drive them toward the not-fun insanity (nature or nurture? – you decide). With former careers as a legal assistant and a licensed massage therapist, Stephanie has now made writing a full time endeavor.

Stephanie Weippert is working on a second book as well, called Road to Chaos. It combines science fiction with the old motion picture trope of the road movie. Learn about that and her book Sweet Secrets this Saturday at 9 pm Pacific / 12 midnight Eastern. The show airs again Sunday at 4 pm Pacific / 7 pm Eastern, then again on Tuesday and the following Saturday at 4 am Pacific / 7 am Eastern.

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