QuantumBreakFRONTPage-672x358We are all blind navigators.

In one lifetime a person makes countless decisions. Each choice spawns a new universe. The chosen Present then births its logical Future—but one timeline among a myriad. My life’s mission is to safeguard the universe I have created from the choices I have made.

—From the journals of Dr. William Joyce

Cam Rogers - Author - Photo Credit Mikko Rautalahti

Cam Rogers – Author – Photo Credit Mikko Rautalahti

Today’s guest is Cam Rogers, the author of the video game tie-in book Quantum Break: Zero State from TOR Books. It takes readers on a fascinating thrill ride through the world of the Quantum Break game, simulataneously released by Microsoft, from Remedy Entertainment.

Join your hosts Gene Turnbow and Susan L. Fox as we interview this remarkable writer. The broadcast begins at 9 pm Pacific. You can also hear it at 4 pm Pacific tomorrow (Sunday) and on the following Tuesday and Saturday at 4 am Pacific. Consult our program guide for show times in your area.

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