Treadwater is a comic book title and graphic novel, an immersive interactive web site experience, and soon to be a computer game as well. It’s a story set in the near future. The Euro has collapsed, and collective governance of the world has descended into chaos. Treadwater is the name of one privately funded team of peacekeepers trying to keep the world’s fragmented countries from blowing each other up.

This evening at 9 pm PT, we’ll be speaking with Morgan Rosenblum of Darkrose, creative director and co-creator of the Treadwater transmedia project. We’ll discuss the first four books that comprise the graphic novel, transmedia development, and Rosenblum’s roadmap for the future of the franchise.

For convenience, here are the showtimes:
Saturday9 pm PT / 12 midnight ETTuesday4 am PT / 7 am ET
Sunday4 pm PT / 7 pm ETSaturday4 am PT / 7 am PT

Once all the airtimes have past, this episode will be available on iTunes and Stitcher as a podcast.

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