This fan edit done to Katy Perry’s Futuristic Lover is a great, fun tribute to just how strong an effect Leonard Nimoy had on the female Trek fans. And the male ones too, for that matter. He was science fiction’s equivalent of a rock star. All the girls wanted him, all the boys wanted to be him (because all the girls wanted him).

More than just being the object of affection from the fans, though, he was the pinnacle of self control. Millions of troubled teens looked to Mr. Spock as a role model. Teenagers often feel like they’re the only person in the universe like themselves, and the problem is further compounded if that teenager happens to be a science fiction fan. Mr. Spock showed them that it is possible to accept your emotions and yet not be controlled by them. What’s more, it made him not weaker, but stronger. No wonder he was so appealing.

The song, Katy Perry’s Futuristic Lover, is a little silly, getting down to it. But it’s also fun, and frankly kind of geeky. That makes today’s Video of the Day a nice bit of fannish fun.


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