We don’t know what’s cooler, the name of the song or the name of the band. Maybe it’s the ridiculously high production values of their horror/zombie themed music video for their outstanding song, Radioactive.

The band itself hails from Germany, and they call their individual sound “Horrorbilly”. They’ve been around since 2002, and have been a part of the Horrorpunk and Psychobilly scenes in Europe for ages. They are  drummer & singer “Dead Richy” Gein, guitarist “Mr. Jim Evilize” on guitar, “Dr. He-Mann” Schreck on doublebass and “Reverend Bloodbath” on guitar and keyboard. They lean heavily on a lot of horror cliches and bloodthirstiness, but always with a smile that lets you know it’s all in fun.

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It all would be for naught if Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space didn’t bring the solid sound of well-written, well-performed rock and roll with them. To everyone’s bloodthirsty delight, they do. The vocals are energetic, clear (which is important, how many bands are there where the lead singer has a mouth full of marbles?), and backed up with some really strong musicianship. The guitar work in particular is distinctive, bent at all the right angles and lifts the whole sound into the air, while backed by that strong rockabilly beat that makes it all worthwhile.

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SCIFI Radio Staff

SCIFI Radio Staff

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