Everybody’s favorite starship navigator is 78 years old today. His Starfleet assignment to the crew of the Starship Enterprise began in 1965, and though he’d already become an accomplished actor in film and television and film, created the on-screen persona we’ve all come to know and respect as one of the most powerful and important voices in science fiction media today. A writer, producer, and of course an actor, Takei has also become world renowned for his highly visible and outspoken advocacy of LGBT rights. He has been active in politics since the 1970’s, and played a major role in Los Angeles politics, breaking the tie vote that determined whether construction should start on a Los Angeles subway.

He and his husband Brad Altman star in a new web series called It Takeis Two, a humorous  autobiographical look at their lives as a couple. Here’s the first episode! To view it without the SCIFI.radio stream overlaying the audio, please take a moment to turn off the radio stream using the handy controller at the top right of your screen:

Mr. Takei’s musical,  Allegiance, hits Broadway this summer.

Happy birthday to one of the best loved forces of nature in the world of science fiction: Mr. George Takei!

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SCIFI Radio Staff

SCIFI Radio Staff

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