We think we may be the first to break the news on this new Disney-Pixar production. Have a look at the new teaser-trailer for the hottest kid’s movie of the summer!

Okay, yeah. Well at least Rick Astley does not make an appearance in it.

This short was created by BigBee as part of their continuing creative work via their Patreon.com page, and has some pretty interesting names associated with it, notably including Felicia Day as Periwinkle 19!  Okay, now go watch it and have a larf.

Voice Cast (in order of appearance):

Narrator: Scott Fletcher — voice@caraworks.com
Red Leader: Brian Ibbott — Twitter @coverville
Blue 34: Antonius Nazareth — Twitter @AV_byte — youtube.com/AVbyte
Orange 8: Veronica Belmont — Twitter @veronica
Brown 16: Brenden Bytheway — Twitter @ScottandBrendo — youtube.com/user/ScottandBrendo
Periwinkle 19: Felicia Day — Twitter @Felicia — youtube.com/user/geekandsundry
Red 11 & 7: Bill & Brittany Doran — Twitter @chinbeard & @LadyLongshanks — youtube.com/PunishedProps
Blue 24: Scott Winn — Twitter @scottdavidwinn — youtube.com/scottdw
Hazel 42: Kiala Kazebee — Twitter @kiala
Pink 28: Vijay Nazareth — Twitter @AV_byte — youtube.com/AVbyte
Green 33: Bonnie Burton — Twitter @bonniegrrl
Luke Skywalker: Minnau Millah
Y-Wing Comic & Major Derlin (John Ratzenberger): Paul Arbisi
Princess Leia: Elizabeth Oldak — Twitter @ElizabethAOldak
Darth Vader: Riley Workman — Twitter @worktron
Han Solo: Anthony Ingruber — Twitter @AnthonyIngruber

Original Music by Voodoo Highway: http://www.voodoohighwaymusic.com/


David Brian Kelly
James Chapple
Brian Pickett
Graeme Cornies

SCIFI Radio Staff

SCIFI Radio Staff

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