[krvod url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0d1zpt6k5OI]This is the best trailer for a television series we’ve seen in years.  Welcome to Gotham. 

In this trailer, we meet a Lt. Jim Gordon, working in the Gotham Police Department. We meet the precursors to many of the villians Batman must face in later years, and we meet a very young, devastated Bruce Wayne, whose parents have just died at the hands of an anonymous gunman in an alleyway behind a movie theater. It’s dark, it’s dangerous, it’s volatile – everything Gotham City should be. It’s Batman’s version of Smallville, except it’s a gritty crime drama. I can see this working out as a police procedural with a backdrop of the Batman universe. If they can give us a compelling mystery behind how Gotham’s criminal underground network began, we may be looking at a winner. However, it can also jump the shark pretty quickly if it spirals into a series of cameos and Easter eggs. If we’re really unlucky, it’ll be the best thing on television … and Fox will cancel it.

Let’s hope this turns out for the best.

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Nur Hussein

Nur Hussein

Nur is a tinkerer of programmable things, an apprentice in an ancient order of technomages. He enjoys fantasy, sci-fi, comic books, and Lego in his spare time. His favourite authors are Asimov and Tolkien. He also loves Celtic and American folk music. You can follow him on twitter: @nurhussein