Costumed Heroes Help Police as New Year’s Starts With Gun Fire Newswire

Footage of Incident – filmed by Phoenix Jones’ Cameraman

Some might have seen it as a fad at one point, but the reality of costumed crime fighters has seen growth for years now  as people grow tired of the increasing crime rates across the world. And while it’s true these modern day caped-crusaders may not have superpowers or secret technology, they do have the fortitude to put on their outfits and face the world in an attempt to make it better. Another instance of modern-day superheroes helping the public, and specifically the police this time, comes from Seattle Washington – where Motor Mouth and Phoenix  Jones once again make the news, as they help Seattle Police capture a gunman who opened fire during the early hours of New Year’s 2012. Oakland-California based hero Motor Mouth, joined Seattle-Washington based Phoenix Jones for a New Year’s patrol, and it wasn’t very long before they encountered gunfire, and a chance to help capture a villain.

It may not have been as glamorous as Superman swooping in to beat up and capture Lex Luthor, but real life costumed crime fighter Motor Mouth chased after a man who had opened fire among a crowd of people in the Belltown area of Seattle. The gunman seeing Motor Mouth in his battle armor, dropped to his knees and surrendered quickly after a short foot-chase. Fellow crime fighter Phoenix Jones with cameraman in tow, stayed behind to keep an eye on the crowd and call police for assistance. No injuries were reported as Motor Mouth led police to the gunman, who was quickly arrested without further incident.


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