Phoenix Jones

Phoenix Jones

Seattle’s masked superhero crime fighter “Phoenix Jones” was arrested on suspicion of assault last October 9, for allegedly using pepper spray on people who he claims were fighting.

Phoenix Jones was arrested about 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, October 9 while still wearing his black and gold superhero uniform, and a bullet-proof vest.  He was also carrying two cans of pepper spray. Unmasked by police as Benjamin Fodor , Phoenix Jones is the leader of the Rain City Superhero Movement, a group of self-proclaimed superheroes who say they patrol the streets to fight crime.

He perceived that a group of four people were fighting and police say he inserted himself into the situation and pepper sprayed them.  He told police and journalists that he was there to “break up the fight”.  The police, however, were not present themselves to  see the situation and only got the story themselves second-hand, and video shot of the scene at the time does not show conclusively that the participants were “dancing” as they claimed.  Prosecutors earlier this week declined to file charges.

Phoenix Jones  part of a growing trend of real life superhero teams sprouting up all over the country – but there’s a problem, and a big one.  None of these people have real superpowers.  All they  have is whatever body armor they can muster, and whatever powers and abilities a normal human being has.  This is often scarcely enough to keep them safe themselves, let alone giving them ability to keep others safe from harm.  Most of what these costumed street activists do – and that’s a more appropriate phrase for them – is help feed the homeless, or remind others of common sense things they can do to keep themselves safe on the city streets.  Many are poorly trained, or have no training or background in crime fighting or crime prevention at all, and it may just be a matter of time before one of them gets  serious injured, or worse.

In the meantime, this doesn’t seem to be slowing them down any – they’re still out there trying.  And in the case of Phoenix Jones, he returned to the streets of Belltown Seattle on October 15th, and was welcomed by the throng.  When asked how his life had changed subsequent to his arrest, and how he’s protecting his identity now that that’s been revealed, he told the crowd of a change of address, a change of schools for his two children, a change of car, and possibly a change of haircut.

He still plans on keeping up with Belltown Citizens on Patrol, and still strives to help keep the streets of Seattle safe.


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