Helium Beach – Short Works of SF/F

SCIFI.radio presents short works of fantasy and science fiction, by both new writers and the more established.

No longer content simply to report on the creative works of others, we now present SCIFI.radio’s living archive of short works of science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Everything we love comes from the same place. Whether it’s movies, comic books, television series or books, at the beginning of everything is a writer. We choose to celebrate the creativity that gives rise to the genre we all love, and to give new writers an opportunity to share their dreams and imagination with us all.

It is for this reason that we have become a publisher in our own right.

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Each of these stories is selected because we feel they have something unique to offer; a new way of looking at things, an exciting event, an unanswered question.

We hope you enjoy these tales of imagination.

— Gene Turnbow
Station Manager / Editor in Chief

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    Earth turns into a scorched desert and everybody falls over and dies.
    The End.