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Modular Systems Hacked

Sometime in mid-April, the web site belonging to Modular Systems was hacked. Modular Systems is the creator of “Emerald”, the immensely popular third party client for Second Life.

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Woodbury University Banned From Second Life (Again)

The Second Life community at large breathed a sigh of relief today when, in a surprise move earlier today, Linden Lab administrators took the four regions belonging to the rogue group called “Woodbury University” offline in response to the egregious and continuous violations of the Second Life Terms of Service and Community Standards.

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Justice League’s BrainiacWiki Stolen: the Aftermath

Thieves broke into the secure, private wiki owned and operated by the Justice League Unlimited, redistributing about a third of it on the internet after heavy alterations. The JLU remains the most trusted 3rd party security group in SL. No joy in Lulzville tonight.

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