Geek Radio America with Joey Reynolds is one of sci-fi fandom’s great radio shows. Originally beginning as a radio station in its own right, Joey now records weekly shows for, including news and interviews, and talk radio for the geek in all of us!

Geek Radio America has been providing syndicated science fiction talk radio for years, and is on radio stations world-wide. They’re not about alien abductions, ghost hunting or the supernatural – but they do cover: 

  • science fiction 
  • fantasy
  • comics
  • online video gaming and role playing games
  • Japanese animation 
  • spaceflight and hard science.

There’s a lot of reason why Geek Radio America is as popular as it is. 

Science fiction is not a fad- it is constantly evolving.  And it has become a powerful tool in the marketing world.  Science fiction has all the ingredients that you need for a successful film or TV series: special effects, drama, love, action, comedy.  In this current geo-political climate, people are looking for escapism. Science fiction fits that bill perfectly.



Geek Radio America airs on every Friday at 3 AM Pacific / 6 AM Eastern, then again at 3 PM Pacific / 6 PM Eastern.