Rejoice Kaniacs! Dean Devlin has confirmed that the mystical Library will be returning in a new CW show, The Librarians: The Next Chapter and fan favorite Christian Kane will be reprising his role as Dr. Jacob Stone.

The Librarians franchise started with a trio of made-for-TV movies between 2004 and 2008. Unfortunately, at the time the movies were on TNT, which was not a channel included with basic cable for many cable and/or satellite companies, only the more expernsive expanded cable package, so they did not gain the viewership they deserved. Luckily, by the time The Librarians TV show started in 2014, TNT was more easily accessible. The new show will be on the CW, which most cable and satellite companies provide access to.

The premise of The Librarian movies and TV shows is that there is a secret library that protects magical artifacts, such as Arthur’s sword Excalibur, Pandora’s box, the genie’s lamp, etc. It is the duty of the Librarian to find and collect these artifacts, which are too dangerous to be permitted to fall into the wrong hands. Traditionally, there is only one librarian at a time. When he is killed (which happens often: the Library’s caretaker, Jenkins, once mentioned “we go through librarians like tissue paper,” but for the purposes of the TV show, three librarians-in-training have been summoned: art historian Jacob Stone, played by actor-singer Christian Kane, mathematician Cassandra Cillian played by Lindy Booth, and thief extraordinaire Ezekiel Jones, played by Australian actor John Harlan Kim. Because magic is increasing in the world, Dr. Flynn Carsen, the Librarian, needs a little extra help.

Details on what’s in the new series aren’t exactly plentiful at the moment, but we do know that Next Chapter will feature a new leading lady, Jessica Green as Charlie Cornwall, who is destined to be the next Guardian. Ms. Green previously starred in Alien Surf Girls as Kiki. She played Talon in The Outpost and Natalie in Sparkle: A unicorn Tale (2023)

Christian Kane has starred in Leverage as Eliot Spencer, Angel as Attorney Lindsey McDonald, and in Almost Paradise as Alex Walker. He appeared in The Terror of Hallows’ Eve (2017) as Bobby Stevens. He starred in Heaven Sent (2016) as artist Billy Taylor. He appeared in Secondhand Lions (2003) as a younger version of Robert Duvall’s character, Hub.

Christian Kane as Jake Stone, {image via TNT}

Just as Elvis Presley and Frank Sinistra inspired over-enthusiastic fans in generations past, Christian Kane has some very enthusiastic, very vocal fans who call themselves Kaniacs. No release date for The Librarians The Next Chapter has been confirmed yet, but as soon as we find out, we’ll let you know. Watch this space.


Susan Macdonald
Susan Macdonald

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