The cultural phenomenon that was the X-Men animated series in 1997 never left us. Now Marvel Animation brings us the long awaited X-Men ’97 series on Disney+. It picks up some time after the original series left off, with the death of Charles Xavier. And who inherits everything Xavier built — the X-Men, the X-Mansion, the school, all of it?



The new ten episode series is done with slavish observance of the original style of the series, not only nailing the look of it, but the writing, and the campy voice acting as well. Even the weird quirks given to the original characters to make them “Saturday Morning friendly” are all there. Wolverine, for example, becomes irritated with Scott “Cyclops” Summers, and the most violent thing he says is something involving a complaint about Scott buzzing in his ear.

This show marks Cal Dodd and Lenore Zann’s first time voicing Wolverine and Rogue in 24 years and George Buza, Alison Sealy-Smith and Adrian Hough’s first time voicing Beast, Storm and Nightcrawler in 23 years, since Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes (2000) for Cal Dodd and Lenore Zann and X-Men: Mutant Academy 2 (2001) for George Buza, Alison Sealy-Smith and Adrian Hough.

X-Men ’97 marks multiple firsts for Marvel Studios. The first Marvel Studios project with the Marvel Animation banner, Marvel Studios’ first X-Men project and the first Marvel Studios project without Kevin Feige’s involvement.

The show arrives on the Disney+ streaming service on March 20, 2024.


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