The refreshing animated series that is My Adventures with Superman is one of the few shows ever to hit 100% on RottenTomatoes, and retcons the relationships between Clark, Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane. Its first season was a palette cleansing delight after the years of dark and gritty live action superhero movies by Warner Bros, and the good news is that the fun is only just beginning..

This is not the massively overpowered Superman of the modern comic books. Instead, this Man of Steel is only just now manifesting some of his powers, and it is the first exposure the city of Metropolis has to the true hearted alien who is just here to help out. Voiced by Jack Quaid (Lt. Junior Grade Bradword Boimler on Star Trek: Lower Decks, this version of Superman is in his earliest days, acquiring new powers as he learns to use the ones he already has.

My Adventures With Superman Season 2 in Progress

At the end of the My Adventures with Superman finale debut on Adult Swim, an announcement was made regarding the series’ sophomore season progress. All we got was this, still title card, but you can’t get more definitive than this in terms of a production announcement. Season 2 is definitely happening.

Adult Swim and Max initially confirmed development for Season 2 only one day after the first episode’s premiere on July 7 as a producer said that the studios “ordered two” seasons.

The details on the whole thing came not through Variety, Deadline or the Hollywood Reporter as such news usually does. Instead, it came through the Superman Homepage, with an exclusive interview with Josephine Campbell, one of the show’s co-producers and writers.

 “So, it’s not announced yet. And there’s nothing I can say until it’s announced,” She told the Superman Homepage. “So, I was gonna say, the season premiere is coming out. Stay tuned for Season 2. We got the the wonderful task of being able to make them both around the same time and I’m very excited for this. There’s so much stuff in Season 2 that I think is gonna blow people’s minds. So yeah, just stay tuned, keep watching.”

Season 2 of My Adventures With Superman was already in preproduction while its first season was being made, so release of the new season likely won’t take that long. It is entirely possible the show returns next summer, opening the window for a yearly release if the show gets picked up for season 3. Season 2 could hit Adult Swim and Max as early as 2024, and likely in the early part of the summer, following the lead of the first season.

All 10 episodes of My Adventures With Superman are available to stream on Max.


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