Navigating the world becomes doubly hard when you’re a fiery being like Ember (Leah Lewis) in Pixar’s latest film, Elemental. The film unveils a unique city populated with various elemental beings, each with their challenges. Ember’s fiery nature not only incites prejudice but also fosters distrust towards water elements.

Preparing to run her family’s home-cum-business, Ember struggles with her fiery temperament during customer interactions. This leads to a catastrophic flooding incident in their establishment. Further escalating the problem is Wade (Mamoudou Athie), a city inspector and water element who stumbles into the basement and documents multiple violations, resulting in the closure of their business.

In a desperate attempt to repair the situation, Ember and Wade strike a deal. They aim to locate and fix the source of the leak in a few days, hoping this would revoke the charges against their family property.

As they work together, an unexpected bond forms between Wade and Ember. However, the incompatible nature of their elements, along with societal constraints, presents significant challenges.

“Elemental” takes the audience on a charming, visually stunning adventure, reminiscent of Pixar’s best offerings. The film subtly weaves multiple themes, appealing to viewers of all ages. It explores the struggles of an inter-element relationship, finding one’s path, dealing with societal restrictions, and self-expression.

The engaging characters, coupled with the cleverly visualized elemental world, make “Elemental” a compelling watch. Future explorations of these characters hold exciting possibilities. As a heartwarming summer movie, “Elemental” marks a delightful return to form for Pixar, appealing to the entire family.

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Gareth Von Kallenbach
Gareth Von Kallenbach

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