The ‘Bad Batch’ of elite and experimental clones make their way through an ever-changing galaxy in the immediate aftermath of the Clone Wars.

Trailer park

The trailer gives fans of Hunter, Wrecker, Echo, Tech, Omega, and Crosshair plenty to look forward to ahead of the new year. The trailer opens with the clones enjoying a beautiful beach on a sunny day—being hotly pursued by a pack of frighteningly fast giant crabs. They have the package they were sent to retrieve, and make their escape with the help of Omega and her Zygerrian energy bow.

The trailer then shows them arriving back at Cid’s (Rhea Pearlman) Parlor, where they are introduced to a mysterious new woman, Phee Genoa (Wanda Sykes) who refers to the Bad Batch as a “top team”, apparently with a note of sarcasm in her voice, lost completely on Omega.

The fact that Crosshair is back with the Bad Batch is an enticing story twist. Crosshair is, despite his control chip being removed, a by-the-book soldier. He is very opinionated when it comes to people falling into line with the expectations of their superiors, and this comes out in a scene with Commander Cody as the two discuss the growing number of clones who have started questioning Order 66. While Cody seems uncertain about where he lands, Crosshair firmly maintains that clones who question their orders are traitors.

By the looks of things, Clone Force 99 is going to have to make a decision about whether or not they’re going to take a stand against the Empire. As Echo tells Hunter: “The Empire is growing stronger, we should be doing more.” It’s going to be a great season as we watch them figure this out.

Despite the trailer saying that Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Season 2 is due out this fall, the season’s release has been pushed back and is set to premiere on Disney+ on January 4, 2023.


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