After seven months of being shut down, the PvP servers for From Software’s Dark Souls III on PC have been restored. Bandai had previously turned off the servers for all three Dark Souls titles on PC following the discovery of a security issue that could brick PCs. 

“Online features for the PC version of Dark Souls III have been reactivated,” wrote From on Twitter.

The SteamDB page for the game shows that player interest has been gradually increasing over the past week, with a spike since the news of server restoration appeared on Thursday. 

The SteamDB page for Dark Souls III had quietly received its first update in years for players with debug access. Many presumed that this meant that Bandai Namco had finally figured out a fix for the problem, When the original issue arose, the publisher said it wouldn’t be solved until well after the release of From Software’s Elden Ring

From Software says that they’re working on restoring the online features for both Dark Souls Remastered and Dark Souls II, and will provide an updates on the progress. 


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