The main reason Sony put Spider-Man on PC was to make money. It’s a great game on its own, but PC gamers were excited about it because they could mod the hell out of it. Thus was born the Spider-Frog.

No kidding.

This new mod converts the Advanced Suit in the game into Kermit the Frog. Apparently with great power comes great modding opportunites.

The mod was made by Tangoted, and is available here. It specifically swaps out the Advanced Suit.

Kermit advanced spider-man suit

Depending on which models the game is using at a given time, he’ll also appear in cutscenes as well.

Not every mod is welcomed. For example, the modder who created Spider-Man Remastered mod was banned for adding the ability to remove the Pride Flag from the game.

The modding community is a wellspring of new ideas, and new game asset artists and level designers get their starts doing mods for popular games.

We salute this one. It definitely puts some flip in your twip.


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