The Bad Batch, with Omega helping call the shots, are back for a new season. They’re coming into their own now as protectors of the innocent and defenders of the free, against a new enemy: Emperor Palpatine.

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The Bad Batch, a collection of clone troopers each genetically manipulated to heighten different particular skills, have all had their control chips removed, releasing them from control by the Empire. Now they’re on the run, seeking friends where they can find them, helping those in need and fighting the good fight.

Much of the leadership of the team comes from Omega, the first (and so far as we know the only) female clone of Jango Fett. Although she presents as a youth, she’s technically older than any of the other clones in her adoptive team.

The “Bad Batch” is only the nickname, and sometimes codename, of the defective clone squad. Their actual designation is Clone Force 99, and the four original members all have the birth number CT-99??, with the last two numbers being their individual designation.

The Bad Batch is an animated series created by Dave Filoni, and developed by Filoni and Jennifer Corbett. It stars Ming-Na Wen as Fennec Shand, Dee Bradley Baker as the voice of all the male clones, and Michelle Ang as the voice of Omega.

The voice of ian mcdiarmid is unmistakable. The goosebumps factor is definitely in play here. This is going to be really something not to miss.

The series was announced at Star Wars Celebration 2022 during the show’s panel that the new season is due out on the Disney+ streaming service in Autumn of 2022.


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