This month, The Legend of the Travelling TARDIS celebrates 10 YEARS OF TRAVELING. Leading up to May 19th, “The Day of the Traveling TARDIS” Doctor WHO social media and podcast.

This is their fellow TLTT panelist and Premiere 13th Doctor #Cosplayer Faith Kelly. Faith made a special message as 13 for newly announced 14th Doctor Ncuti Gatwa (pronounced “Shootie”—apparently the “nc” combination in Rwandan is “sh” to us) and she has a heartfelt message for the newest actor to take on the mantle of the Man from Gallifrey.

Faith Kelly really nails this, capturing Jody Whittaker’s breathless energy. Get some tissues handy before watching.

I’m not crying. You’re crying.

About The Legend of the Traveling TARDIS

The Legend of the Traveling TARDIS, a production of the Hangin With Show, and produced and hosted by Christian Basel, began as a social media group ten years ago. They’ve been a radio show and podcast since 2018, and one of our most popular shows ever.


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