This is the most exciting new trailer for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds from the new Paramount+ streaming service we’ve seen yet. There are so many cool things in this that it’s hard to know where to begin.

The Twitter feed of Strange New Worlds star Anson Mount led the morning today with a new offering for all us hard core Trekkies—so turn down the lights, turn up the sound, and let’s begin with the trailer itself.

Don’t worry, if you’re outside the U.S. this will still play for you. Enjoy the show.

The new series returns to the episodic roots of the original Star Trek, with mysteries to solve, alien races to meet, and strange new worlds to discover. The visual design holds strongly to what we know, while taking into account all the artistic and technological advances that have taken place since the budget-enforced 1960’s. The characters are played by new actors, and we get to see how they began and how they grow into who we know they will eventually become.

Ethan Peck’s performance, in particular, stands out. He has openly commented on spending a lot of time researching that of Leonard Nimoy in the role of Mr. Spock in preparation for his own portrayal.

The show brings us back to the heart and soul of Star Trek. The best part is that this trailer is just for Season 1. What wonders await?

On May 5, it all begins again.

As fans, we are bonded together by the family that is Starfleet. It is the best of times.


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