Ms. Marvel reminds me of the last time I was this excited to see a trailer for a new Marvel superhero series. Yes, it’s that good.

The new trailer shows Kamala Khan, the first Muslim superhero (in Marvel Comics, anyway) , being an over-the-top superhero fangirl. She spends probably more of her time daydreaming than dealing with the real world, and it’s affecting her life, and not in a good way. All that changes when she finds a pair of gauntlets that unlock her latent abilities.

In the comics, she has a special power called ‘morphogenetics’, which basically means she’s a shapeshifter. She can resize and stretch her limbs, and even alter her appearance. That’s the limit of it, though. She’s a metahuman, with an alien genetic component that allows her all of these abilities.

n the TV series, they’ve decided to give Ms. Marvel a major upgrade and tweaked her origin story. Instead of just being limited to limb stretching, she finds a pair of gauntlets that unlock her latent powers, which are substantial. They’re energy forms that act as extensions to her body, allowing her abilities like flight, superstrength, shields, and even energy beams from her hands. It’s kind of a blend of her classic powers from the comics, and the thought forms that come from a Green Lantern’s power ring.

They’ve pulled out all the stops on this 6 episode first season, created and helmed by Bisha K. Ali. It’s meant to thread neatly into the upcoming theatrical film, The Marvels, in which Ms. Marvel and her friends will figure prominently.

Iman Vellani stars as Kamala Khan, with Matt Lintz as her non-powered human bestie Bruno Carrelli. The series makes its big debut on the Disney Plus streaming service on June 8.

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