Situated on the campus of Cal State L.A., home of the “Golden Eagles,” Eagle-Con explores issues of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, identity, ability, and representation in science fiction and fantasy across media while also celebrating the boundless imaginations of artists and writers that turn ordinary humans into life-long devotees of these genres. With generous support from our founding sponsor, the Art Directors Guild, as well as the continued support of key partner the University-Student Union, Eagle-Con is a university-level event hosted by the College of Arts and Letters, where people of all shapes, sizes, hues, and fandoms can come together to learn, explore, and grow.

The convention is located at 5154 State University Drive, Los Angeles, California, 90032.

(Cal State LA students, faculty, and staff can attend weekday sessions in person).

Follow this link to Register and see the full schedule of panels, exhibitions, activities, and industry leading speakers!

Some highlights include:


10:50am-12:05pm – Lemonade Award presentation for acts of kindness that further the science fiction community. Author Nalo Hopkinson will present the award and lead a discussion with authors Jaymee Goh and K. Tempest Bradford.

12:20-1:30pm – Breaking into the Entertainment Industry of LA.

Get first-hand advice from leading members of entertainment industry unions on how to prepare yourself and find work in the industry.

1:40-2:50pm – Concept Illustration for Costumes.

Hear how the costumes are designed from some of Hollywood’s leading artists such as Warren Manser (Black Panther, Batman vs. Superman, Thor, Spider-Man).


10:30-11:45am – How to Write for Media.

A seminar on writing with screenwriters Oscar Balderrama (Arrow, Naomi) and David Gerrold (Star Trek, Babylon 5).

12:00-1:15pm – Student Film Festival.

Come see and discuss the work of this year’s EagleCon student filmmakers!

1:30-2:45pm – The Business of Entertainment.

John Lynch, the Executive Vice President of Production at Paramount TV, and a panel of working professionals discuss the business of modern media and California’s creative industries.

3:00-4:30pm – Lemonade Award

presentation, performance, and discussion with The 501st Legion, the all-volunteer Star Wars organization making contributions to their communities.


9:20-10:20am – Art Departments in the 21st Century.

Creators behind the look of such landmark properties as Game of Thrones and The Matrix give you the behind-the-scenes view.

12:50-1:50pm – Visual Effects in the 21st Century.

Pioneers of digital special effects such as John F. K. Parenteau (Star Trek: Into Darkness, The OA, Iron Man) talk about what young filmmakers and digital artists need to know.

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