Join hosts Susan Fox and Gene Turnbow at 4 PM PT / 7 PT ET today (Saturday Nov 13) and tomorrow (Sunday Nov 14) as we meet the people behind the Newbie Star Trek podcast: Marvin Choi, Dan Kim, Ricardo Ultreras and Sara Razack.

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The folks over at Fugitive Frames have three shows: one is a vlog for gamers, called Fugitive Games, one is a film critique podcast called Fugitive Frames Film Podcast, and the third one focuses exclusively on Star Trek, and it’s called Newbie Star Trek.

Newbie Star Trek caught our eye on TikTok, and we reached out to them to ask them if they wanted to have their show here on Unfortunately because they tend to use blue language on their shows, it turned out that we couldn’t strike a deal, but we love what they do so much that we wanted to do something with them, so we invited them to join us on this week’s episode of The Event Horizon on’

It was a great decision. This was one of the most fun conversations we’ve had on the show.

This episode will air again on Thursday, November 18, and Saturday, November 20 at 4 AM PT / 7 AM ET.

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