Emerging Science Fiction Writers Worldwide Invited to Submit Original Short Stories for 7th Annual “The Roswell Award” Competition

Special feminist-themed prize the “Feminist Futures Award” to encourage writers to explore issues of gender equity through a sci fi lens.

Los Angeles, CA (October 14, 2021) — In this time of regular citizens launching into space, why not write your own sci fi adventure! Back in its 7th season, writers worldwide will submit their original short science fiction stories to The Roswell Award through December 21, 2021 at 11:59pm. Finalists’ stories will be read by celebrity guests live in May 2022 and the winners will receive cash prizes. A nonprofit program presented by the Omega Sci-Fi Awards, The Roswell Award is an opportunity for future-minded emerging writers to have their stories highlighted to a worldwide audience.

The Roswell Award for short science fiction by writers aged 16 and older is an international competition based in Los Angeles, California. Each writer may submit one story between 500 and 1,500 words. Past submissions have come from dozens of countries including Canada, Malaysia, Sweden, Malawi, Singapore, Indonesia, England, Kazakhstan, Brazil, and others. It is free to submit work.

The Roswell Award empowers diverse emerging writers globally to contribute their unique voices and perspectives to the art of science fiction story writing, while also tapping into the power of science fiction to serve as a lens for examining the greatest challenges and moral dilemmas humanity faces. Science fiction has enabled many of our greatest thinkers and scientists to imagine the heights — and limits — of human achievement. Writers are encouraged to explore scientific, social, technological, environmental, moral and philosophical themes and issues in their writing and always, at the core, to master the art of great storytelling.

“Science fiction opens doors for writers of all backgrounds to explore how we relate to one another, to our world, and to our future and to write stories that are unique to them,” says Omega Sci-Fi Awards Director Rosalind Helfand.
Up to five finalists will be chosen and their stories read by celebrity guests live in the May 2022 culminating event. First, second, and third place cash prizes will be presented following the reading. The first place winner will also receive an online course from the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program.

“Feminist Futures Award” Recognizes Outstanding Sci-Fi with Feminist Themes: New to the Omega Sci-Fi Awards, the Feminist Futures Award recognizes a science fiction story that embraces feminist themes. Top entries will exemplify excellence in feminist storytelling. We encourage stories that capture the complexities and other aspects of identity, as well as intersectionality, through the imaginative power of science fiction. This competition is open to people of any gender and/or no gender. The winning story will be published by co-presenter Artemis journal.

The Omega Sci-Fi Awards are a program of Sci-Fest LA and the arts and education nonprofit, Light Bringer Project. Sponsors also include B5 Events, UCLA Writers’ Extension Program, and Artemis Journal.

Last month, the Omega Sci-Fi Awards announced The Tomorrow Prize for teens living in the Los Angeles area.

The Roswell Award and Feminist Futures Award are for short science fiction by writers aged 16 and over worldwide.

Submissions Close: December 21, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

Prizes Include: First Place – $500; Second Place – $250; Third Place – $100; Feminist Futures Award – Publication in Artemis Journal, additional prizes to be announced.

For More Information & to Submit Stories: bit.ly/omegascifiawards


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