We’ve all seen The Immigrant Song meme with the heavy metal Viking kitty belting out the lyrics in the famous Led Zeppelin song. While it was amusing at the time (2006), we’ve come a long way since then.

Riffing off the Norse theme in both The Immigrant Song and the Viking Kitty video that spawned it, behold the final result, The Immigrant Song taken to its logical conclusion: a cover translated into Old Norse, such as was used between 700 A.D. and 1500 A.D.

The cover is by Kerrin Connoly, AKA The Miracle Aligner, who has a Patreon campaign and spends his days creating music in a style called Bardcore, where modern songs are redone using ancient instruments, and often using perioid lyrics. Think of it as medieval filk.

The cover itself is in Icelandic, the language of the Norsemen.


 ís ok snœrs landi frá Komum
 Af miðnótts boði,laugar vellar
 Æsa hamarr 
 Vil drifum draka vár til noyer landum
 Að vega hjrøða ok að hlakka ok söngr
 Valhøl ver komum

 Fram sveipum með bitinn øra
 vestr strandi einn sœkjum  

 ís ok snœrs landi frá Komum
 Af miðnótts boði, laugar vellar
 Hvo mýkr síns grænar bjoðar 
 blóðs sögur susa megar 
 Af hvé dolgsstormi þegdum
 síns bardgisherrar ver erum  

 Fram sveipum með bitinn öra
 vestr strandi einn sœkjum 

 Svo nu fallaðyrka létta ok simða síns betra 
 Þvi at and-fang mega daginn vinna þar allr 

This tune was just so bizarre and so well done that we had to have it, and share it with you.



SCIFI Radio Staff
SCIFI Radio Staff

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