robin-flanagan of Dyskami Publishing
Robin Flanagan, Creative Director of Dyskami Publishing

Dyskami Publishing, the board game publisher responsible for Big Eyes, Small Mouth, Anime 5E, and the Sailor Moon Crystal game series, is lucky to have Robin Flanagan as their newly minted creative director – and we’re lucky to have him as this week’s guest on a brand new episode of The Event Horizon Join hosts Gene Turnbow and Susan Fox at 4 pm PT / 7 pm ET, exclusively here on, as we take a deep dive into the creative process of game design at Dyskami.

A long-time freelance writer for numerous RPG lines – including Silver Age Sentinels, DC Universe RPG, 7th Sea, and multiple d20 projects – Robin wrote and designed the BESM Dramatis Personae NPC collection before working as the lead writer for Dyskami’s upcoming Absolute Power superhero RPG (aka the second edition of Silver Age Sentinels).Robin will shape and guide the future direction of BESM Fourth Edition, Anime 5E, Absolute Power, and Tri-Stat System mini-games.

Dyskami Publishing’s Anime 5e Kickstarter Has Launched!

Anime 5E builds upon the Fifth Edition rules of the world’s most popular storytelling game by adapting the best of anime role-playing to the 5E d20 game system, giving players and Dungeon Masters unlimited control over their creations. Anime 5E brings a point-based balance to the standard Fifth Edition offerings, and then layers a wide selection of new Races, Classes, Skills, features, powers, game mechanics, and combat options on top of this foundation. Anime 5E is the beginning of a journey, so hold on tight as we welcome you to your next great fantasy adventure!

Anime 5E products offered as rewards in the Kickstarter include:Anime 5E RPG Core RulesAnime 5E Deluxe Limited Edition Core RPGAnime 5E RPG Pocket Edition – a manga-sized, portable version of Anime 5E at half the price!Anime 5E Game Screen and AdventureAnime 5E Character Folio

Pledge your support today and enjoy exclusive early access to all the Anime 5E product rewards!


Here is the episode as it originally aired:

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