The release of the new Disney / Marvel series Loki has its foundations in Norse mythology. Here is professional storyteller True Thomas the Storyteller to regail us with a story of Thor and Loki in the wilderness on an adventure.

Storytelling is an ancient art, and though the tools and methods have changed through the millenia, the value and thrill of the stories have always been there for the telling, and the taking. Listen to this entrancing telling of one of the most enduring stories of the trickster god Loki.

Robert Seutter (aka True Thomas), is one of the most gifted storytellers and scholars of myth and legend of our modern times. Mr. Seutter has been immersed in the art of storytelling his entire life, and has traveled extensively, collecting the stories that define societies and cultures the world over. He is also the author of the Brass Jack series of science fiction novels.


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