It’s the fourth installment in the Hotel Transylvania series of animated films from Sony Pictures Animation: Hotel Transylvania: Transformania‘s new trailer is here.

The Hotel Transylvania franchise was created by Todd Durham, and Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Primal) directed the first three movies in the series — Hotel Transylvania in 2012, Hotel Transylvania 2 in 2015, and Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation in 2018. The voice of Dracula was provided by Adam Sandler (Happy Gilmore, Uncut Gems) for the first three films, but Brian Hull will be giving life to the character for the fourth and final film of the series, just as he did for the Hotel Transylvania short subject Monster Pets. The script for the new film is written by Tartakovsky, while Jennifer Kluska and Derek Drymon take over directing duties.

The Hotel Transylvania series follows the lives of famous monsters who live in the hotel named in the movie’s title, designed to be a place where monsters can unwind away from humans’ prying and often prejudiced eyes. The characters are loosely based on the classic stable of monsters from Universal’s monster movies.

In the new film, Professor Van Helsing invents a ray that converts humans in to monsters, and monsters into humans. It’s like Freaky Friday – except on a Tuesday.

Other voice cast members are:

  • Selena Gomez as Dracula’s daughter Mavis; Ms. Gomez has also been named one of the film’s executive producers
  • Andy Samberg as Mavis’s husband, Johnny
  • Kathryn Hahn (Agatha Harkness in Wandavision) as Dracula’s wife Ericka Van Helsing
  • Steve Buscemi as Wayne the Werewolf
  • David Spade as the Invisible Man
  • Keegan-Michael Key as the mummy Murray
  • Asher Blinkoff as Mavis and Johnny’s vampire son Dennis
  • Brad Abrell as Frank (Frankenstein’s Monster)
  • Fran Drescher as Frank’s wife Eunice
  • Molly Shannon as Wanda, another werewolf and Wayne’s wife
  • Jim Gaffigan as Professor Abraham Van Helsing, the mad scientist responsible for the entire mess

The first Hotel Transylvania movie opened to solid reviews and earned $358 million at the global box office. As is frequently the case with fantasy and animated films, the reviewers hated it, but the box office soared. Despite a rotten score on Rotten Tomatoes, Hotel Transylvania 2 was released in 2015 grossed $475 million during its run in theaters. Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation had an even lower Rotten Tomatoes score but earned $528 million worldwide.

So much for Rotten Tomatoes.

What do you think of the new Hotel Transylvania: Transformania trailer? Are you looking forward to seeing the animated movie in theaters? Let us know what you think and how you feel about the trailer and the movie in the comments section.

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania opens exclusively in theaters on July 23rd.


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