Some bands are steampunk by design, following tried and true formulae. The French steam goth band Victor Sierra, however, forged their own sound from techno, goth, and their own constructed retrofuturist underpinnings. Drawing from their techno roots, they evolved into a more transversal sound, bridging the subgenres to arrive at a steampunk sound unlike any other.

To celebrate the release of their latest album Imperfect Meridians, Commander Bob and The Converted Princess Anouk invite you to join them for a free live concert on Saturday, May 15 at 2 pm Pacific – the concert will simulcast on the Facebook page, our YouTube channel, on Twitch.TV, and of course on itself.

Victor Sierra was, for a while marginally involved in techno music. Some years ago one of the most prominent techno booking organizations, Technopol, labeled them, “transversal”. They have been part TechnoParade and other electronic music festivals. Victor Sierra eventually came to feel that they were limited by the techno world and chose a more “transversal” and “uchronial” feel.

Victor Sierra takes advantage of every experience mixing a powerful electronic rhythm section with traditional instruments and sounds of various origins. On stage, their equipment is decorated to create some kind of Nautilus/Airship ambiance. They use video extensively and different types of objects to go beyond the simple band on stage appearance. Their songs are written in English, French, Spanish with some other languages, including Yiddish.

The music of Victor Sierra takes us to a future that might have been, and immerses us in a deeper world in which Humanity’s potential is darkened by endless conflict, and battles rage to determine dominance of the skies.

Victor Sierra leads you into a vaporous and multicolored universe through unexplored paths down to a  future that could have been… In a bloody sky, the airship Hydrogen Queen keeps a steady pace while very special trains can fly leaving the road not taken. On stage, Victor Sierra’s energy invites you to go beyond the horizon line, to be stirred in unison and to live unpredictable experiences. Enter Victor Sierra’s universe…

If you like steampunk, it’s an event you won’t want to miss. Best of all, it’s free.

If you would like to support the band’s work, please go to their Bandcamp page and pick up your own copies of any of their five albums. It’s great stuff.

See you Friday!


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