Star Trek: Discovery offers a teaser for the beginning of its fourth season, and there is a lot to unpack here.

It’s First Contact Day, the day Zefram Cochrane engaged the first warp drive powered human flight – and the day he greeted the Vulcan emmisary ship in Boseman, Montana in the year 2063 – so we’re about 43 years outside of the actual day. None the less, it’s a wonderful day for new Star Trek trailers, so Paramount+ is gracing us with a couple of good ones. The other one today was for Star Trek: Picard – this one is for the third season of Star Trek: Discovery.

This season pits Captain Michael Burnham (played by Sonequa Martin-Green) and the crew of the Federation ship starship Discovery against yet another galaxy-level threat – a gravitational anomaly that spans five light years, and that appears to move about at will causing mayhelm wherever it goes. The threat is grave enough that it calls for Federation and non-Federation alike to join together to find a solution that will save them all.

Okay, straight up, we love the new uniforms. Star Trek: Discovery has single-handedly delivered us more cool Trek-canon uniform and prop accessory designs than any other single show at this point. We also love that Grudge the Cat gets a full closeup. And, clearly, the new non-binary human/Trill Adira Tal is back (played by Blu del Barrio, who happens to be nonbinary in real life as well). This character is a fascinating dichotomy, two characters in one, really. Their presence in the crew provides ample opportunity for the screenwriters to explore what it means to be human against a backdrop of identity conflict that is as personal as it gets.

At the close of Season 3, the Vulcans have decided to share the knowledge they had collected of the origins of the Burn, the event that destroyed nearly all warp-capable ships in the galaxy – leaving the Federation a shattered shadow of its former glory. It was only through the actions of Captain Saru, Commander Burnham and the rest of the Discovery crew that the source of the Burn was discovered and neutralized as a threat.

Now that trust is being built upon, and it is clear that the Vulcans are all in for what comes next.

Star Trek: Discovery is still in production on its fourth season, and is expected to begin airing on Paramount+ week by week, beginning later this year (2021), but there is no firm start date yet.


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