When a Great House discovers Caitlin’s ability to control demons, she is kidnapped and forced to find and enslave one.

Join us for a brand new episode of The Event Horizon on SCIFI.radio Saturday March 27 / Sunday March 28 at 7 pm Eastern / 4 pm Pacific as we speak with Madeleine Holly-Rosing, creator of Boston Metaphysical Society.

If you haven’t been reading the online gaslamp adventure Boston Metaphysical Society, you’ve been missing out. Within the pages of this wildly popular online web comic are the adventures of a remarkable band of scientists and and experimenters, solving puzzles of the paranormal and protecting 18th Century Boston from supernatural threats as only they can.

The stories center around Caitlin O’Sullivan, her late father a spirit photographer and Medium, whose gifts she has inherited. She is the youngest member of B.E.T.H., a team made up of Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and Harry Houdini.

The newest book in the series of trade paperbacks is Book of Demons. In it, one of the Great Houses, part of the oligarchy that rules the Great States of America, discovers that Caitlin has the ability to control demons. Caitlin is kidnapped and forced to find and enslave one.

The Kickstarter for the new book launches in just a few days; here is the link. Click the blue button when you get there to be notified when the Kickstarter officially starts – or if it’s already started when you get there, by all means, pledge your support. The only way this keeps going is if we all help her do it.

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About Madeleine Holly-Rosing

Boston Metaphysical Society creator and author Madeleine Holly-Rosing

With an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA, Ms. Holly-Rosing brought her background of TV and feature film writing to the world of comics along with a love of history and science fiction. The comic began online in 2013 and went to print with a special 24 page edition a year later.

The original series received an Honorable Mention at the 2013 Geekie Awards and was nominated for Best Comic/Graphic Novel in 2014. It has also been consistently nominated for best webcomic by the Steampunk Chronicles Readers’ Choice Awards in 2013, 2014 and 2015. 

The complete series is now available in trade paperback from Source Point Press along with the previous standalone stories, The Scourge of the Mechanical Men and The Spirit of Rebellion.

Ms. Holly-Rosing is a veteran of Kickstarter having succeeded at gloriously on campaigns for this series, sometimes surpassing her goals by 400% or more. “I love Kickstarter. It has enabled myself and many other creators to achieve their goals.”


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