KIEV, Ukraine, May 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ukrainian film-director Vasyl Moskalenko has filmed a superhero movie, Apple-Man, during Covid-19 lockdown, in his own 150 square feet bedroom. With only two people on set, and on a one dollar budget, the voiceover for Apple-Man was also provided by Marvel VO actor, Stefan Ashton Frank.

The main idea of the project is to demonstrate that it’s possible to stay creative even when spending lockdown in a single room and also that it`s still important to stay safe during this time.

The Director played all twelve characters in the movie, while the other person on set was the Director of Photography, Volodymyr Kratinov. Almost all props and costumes were comprised of items Vasyl found in his own kitchen.

The voiceover for Apple-Man was completed by Stefan Ashton Frank, who worked on the VO for Need for Speed and the Call of Duty videogame series (along with Jason Statham and Gary Oldman). In LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, Ashton Frank voiced the characters of Groot and Green Goblin.

Right now Vasyl Moskalenko has a plan to do a 90-minute feature film version of Apple-Man and is seeking a producer and co-investor.

“I spent one dollar to make a short movie,” the director said. “Now I have a plan to make a 90-minute feature film version of Apple-Man. I want to add more SGI, action and hire American actors and actresses for VO of the super-hero characters, such as Apple-girl and Captain Cabbage.”

The Apple-man trailer received more than 300 000 views within the few hours on one of the Instagram pages that reposted it.

“We have had amazing feedback about the project from people all over the world,” says Vasyl. “This support makes me think Apple-Man has good potential. I want to release the movie on digital VOD platform, such as Netflix or Amazon next.”

About Vasyl Moskalenko

Vasyl Moskalenko – is the director of the movie, “Synthetic Love”, which received 20 festival awards in USA, Canada and Great Britain. He also directed numerous TV-shows in Ukraine in 2012-2018. Besides Apple-Man, he is currently working on a horror movie, “THE CHERNOBYL FALLOUT”. The project was presented at the European Film Market during the Berlin International Film Festival (the Berlinale), in 2020.


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