With the recent reveal of the All-Widow in the next DC Universe film, fans are hating Ava DuVernay’s inclusion of the Queen of the Bugs in her New Gods extravaganza, co-written by comic scribe, Tom King.

Fans have already begun sharpening the pitchforks and their rants questioning the decision to include the obscure reference. They fear the inclusion of such a minor character undermines the potential of the story and their faith and her ability to deliver a quality tale for which DC desperately needs a win.

However, the All-Widow is an authentic character of Kirby’s New God mythos, and I think it’s a fine place to introduce non-fans to the New Gods.

As the leader of the Bugs, super-intelligent, bipedal insectoids, living in harmony with nature, the Bugs can be both a message and a starting point because in their way they’re just like us, mortal and frail, inclined to treat the New Gods as near-divine beings because of their vast superhuman powers and godlike technology.

Just like in the comics, I’m going to assume that the character ‘Bug’ will be involved in petitioning the New Gods for support against an unknown threat. And if it’s true to form, help will come in the unpleasantly violent, highly destructive and often taciturn form of the War God of New Genesis, Orion, son of Darkseid.

Seems a little early to be foaming at the mouth and assuming that Ava DuVernay and Tom King can’t manage to pull this off. without even so much as a trailer we really can’t say much other than we either do or don’t approve. The Answer-Man approves.

Carry on, my Queen.

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SCIFI Radio Staff
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