Brandishing critically acclaimed titles such as Robert Eggers’ The Witch, Ari Aster’s Midsommer and Peter Strickland’s In Fabric, distribution company A24 is becoming a staple for unconventional horror. Proving they have no shortage of surprises, the company just revealed a first look at their upcoming release of The Green Knight. And it’s nightmarish appeal couldn’t be more enticing.

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Visionary director David Lowery (A Ghost Story) brings to life the 14th-century Arthurian legend of Sir Gawain and his fated quest to becoming one of the most recognized knights of King Arthur’s court. Being a medieval tale, this story has a dark nature … a nature Lowery appears to fully embrace in unexpected, spine-chilling ways.

Opening with Gawain (Dev Patel: Slumdog Millionaire) sitting upon a throne while words of honor and courage set the tone, the knight’s head bursts into flames. Transitioning to a makeshift puppet show acting out the story about to unfold, Gawain approaches the king (Sean Harris: Mission Impossible – Fallout) and queen (Kate Dickie: The Witch) expressing his self-held belief of unworthiness. This belief is tested as he undertakes a quest challenging every fiber of his being. What commences is a glimpse of mystics, monsters, giants and a series of eerie imagery suggesting a strong psychological genre element that should be a sight to behold.

The Green Knight also stars Joel Edgerton (It Comes At Night, The Great Gatsby) and Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina). The epic quest begins this summer.


Brandon Long
Brandon Long