Vastra (Neve McIntosh), Jenny (Catrin Stewart) and Strax (Dan Starkey) are back in their second set of three audio adventures in Victorian England. 

Dining with Death by Dan Starkey

Two warring races have an uneasy peace that is shaken by the ambassadors from both sides being taken out by an explosive device. The diplomats who are sent in their place find it hard to trust one another as our three hero’s investigate and try to maintain the peace, even as new threats arise. All this and Strax has crab problems!

An outstanding start to this set, written by Dan Starkey taking up double duties as Strax. It really shows his love and understanding of all the characters and his ability to write for all, although Strax does have some delicious lines in this one. The conflict among the warring people is very relatable to real life events, as is the idea that some on both sides want to fight for peace as radical and scared voices work against a common goal. This all gives a perfect setting to throw in some lovely comedy moments to pepper into the drama.

The Screaming Ceiling by Guy Adams

Ghost finder Thomas Carnacki (Joe Jameson) arrives at a castle for his latest case, only to find they’ve hired a trio of paranormal investigators already. But who will solve the case first? And will Strax destroy the house before they get the chance?

This is a really fun ghost story with Carnacki playing a blowhard ghost hunter that we soon find out has more bluster than talent, which gives our heroes something very nice to play against. Jameson plays the legend in his own lunchtime with a lot of fun and heart where needed and the story by Adams as well as delivering the laughs also has a lot of atmosphere to it and delivers a great twist at the end.

Spring-Heeled Jack by Gemma Arrowsmith

A deadly but almost forgotten legend, Spring-Heeled Jack seems to not only be on people’s tongues again but also at loose on the streets murdering and terrorising victims anew. Can our trio of investigators stop him or whoever is really behind this treat?

Whereas we’ve had two fairly lighthearted and funny episodes in this set, this final story plays more the spooky side and when faced with a journalist, Gwendolyn Platt (Sophie Cotton), gets under Jenny’s skin it gives her a lot to play off and challenges the usually practices of our titular gang. There are twists and turns a plenty to keep you guessing as we unveil the mystery.

In conclusion …

This is another great set. The first set really hit the ground running and knew exactly what it was (which is no mean feet, as any new range usually needs a while to bed in). Heritage 2 continues to make the most of the world these characters live in and even starts expanding it in completely in keeping. I look forward to our next visit to Paternoster Row!

The Paternoster Gang, Heritage 2 is out now, and you can buy this set on digital or CD here.


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