The new game from Electronic Arts set in the Star Wars universe, called Star Wars – JEDI: Fallen Order is finally out. Developed for Electronic Arts by Respawn Entertainment, it’s a single-player game of discovery and exploration.

Here’s the trailer for it (note that this is not in-game footage). Electronic Arts has nailed exactly what it is that appeals to us about the Star Wars universe. Every single character in it is on some kind of hero’s journey, and nearly every one comes from humble beginnings to become something far greater than they were. We identify with the characters in Star Wars, and we see ourselves in them.

Pause the player using the controller at the upper right while you watch this.'s TRAILER PARK

Jedi: Fallen Order is about what happens to the surviving Jedi and their apprentices after the infamous Order 66 which triggered the decimation of the Jedi by the Empire. In the game, you play as Cal Kestis, a padawan. Hunted by the Empire, it is up to Kestis to discover a way to bring the Jedi back to their former power and restore balance to the universe. He’s accompanied by a cute little backpack-sized droid named BD-1, voiced by none other than Star Wars sound designer Ben Burtt.

The game is available now on Amazon and through other retail outlets, and runs on XBox One, PS4 and Windows 10. The performance is a bit dodgy in the first release, with players on all three platforms reporting issues with frame rate or getting stuck inside geometry on occasion, or the game simply crashing. That hasn’t slowed sales much, though, with the game reaching near instant bestseller status on Amazon.


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