Fledgling documentarians Ben Gummery of Indie Mac User studios brings us his debut work in One Voice, One Mic: The Rise of Podcasting, a documentary short that charts said rise through brand new interviews with podcasters from celebrities to part time podcasters, archival footage and informative voice over provided by Gummery himself about how Podcasting has and continues to develop – all this and a funky score by musician Matt Lees.

Matt Lees, providing sound track and featuring in the film

The documentary started life in 2016 as a long form work by aspiring documentarian Scott Holden as What’s a Podcast. When production on this got held up, Gummery, who had produced the U.K. leg of this US based documentary decided to make this short from the material he had filmed along with some new material.

I must declaire an interest, as this doc does feature a certain Doctor Who podcaster and feature writer for SCIFI.radio not a million miles away (depending on your location) – but could I recommend this doc even if I didn’t crop up with some choice sound bites in it? The answer is a hearty yes!

The next project from Indie Mac Users studio

This production was made with zero (or less) budget and it looks and feels professionally honed. Gummery shows a love and skill for film making that I can’t wait to see develop. I would love to see a longer version of this some day, coming in as it does at a mere 17 minutes, assuming for now the original doc it was based on isn’t on its way yet, but I know Gummery is already working on his follow up work KevHeads about the fans of his hero and mine, Kevin Smith. I can only wish him luck and I can’t wait to see it.

Doctor Squee, as I appear in the documentary

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Doctor Squee
Doctor Squee