Watch Vin Diesel as Bloodshot in the new trailer for new movie, doing what he does best: kicking bahooky.

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Bloodshot comes from Valiant Comics. The character in the comics is Raymond Garrison, a slain soldier, is brought back to life and enhanced via a bloodstream full of exotic nannites which give him superstrength, endurance, and a healing factor rivaling that of Marvel Comic’s Wolverine. (The IMDB page for the show says he’s a slain mobster, but the synopsis was submitted anonymously and may not have been supplied by anybody from the production public relations team, who should probably check into this and fix it.)

Pressed into service for the U.S. military by a secretive company called RST, he is sent on mission after mission to accomplish their illicit goals. His memory is wiped each time, but the process isn’t perfect. He starts to remember enough to realize that in the life he left behind lies unfinished business.

In the trailer we see Bloodshot fighting somebody with some sort of augmentation, presumably also nannite powered. This jibes in general with the comics, where Bloodshot’s nannites give him shape-shifting abilities. He also has the ability to control technology in the comics, a skill called cyberkinetics. It’s sort of open to interpretation as to exactly what this might let him do, as characters with this ability are rare in the comics world and it means something slightly different each time.

Bloodshot is in a fight to remember who he is, and to avenge the death of his wife.

Bloodshot, the movie, stars Elza González, Sam Heighan and Vin Diesel, and hits theaters on February 21, 2020.


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