Aron Eisenberg, best known as Nog on Star Trek: Deep Space 9, has died on September 21, 2019, after a short illness, on. The cause of death has not been released as of this writing.

He is survived by his wife Malíssa Longo, and his sons Nicholas and Christopher. His wife wrote the following on her Facebook page:

“It is with extreme regret and sadness to announce that my love and best friend, Aron Eisenberg, passed away earlier today,” his wife wrote on Facebook, confirming the death and leading off the tributes. “He was an intelligent, humble, funny, emphatic soul. He sought to live his life with integrity and truth. He was so driven to put the best he had into whatever work was put before him. He lived his life with such vigor and passion. He was like a breath of fresh air, because I knew I would always hear the truth from him. Even if I didn’t want to hear it and even if the truth was inconvenient.”

From the Facebook page of PR Celebrity, his public relations firm, comes the following statement:

It is with deep sadness that we confirm the passing of Aron Eisenberg.

While perhaps best known as a Ferengi, Aron was one of the kindest and loving humans anyone could know. His generosity was second to none, and we were all privileged to know him. His three decade career as an actor, photographer and director was a triumph. Let us all take comfort in sharing Aron’s passion for life, the love of his family and friends, and the joy of his incredible fans around the world. Our hearts are with his wife Malíssa Longo and two children during this difficult time. We are all better for knowing Aron.

The fans have also been reacting in shock and sorrow.

Eisenberg had a more difficult childhood than most, owing to his having been born with only one kidney. That kidney failed when he was 14, and he received a transplanted organ. He had received a new transplant four years ago, and it is theorized that his death may have had something to do with the failure of the new transplant.

Aron Eisenberg took the improbable character of Nog the Ferengi and made him plausible and emotionally real. The character he created on screen was an inspiration to anyone who sees more than what life has given them and seeks to rise.

Rest in peace. We’ll miss you. Thank you for the shining example you set for us all.

There is a GoFundMe campaign to help Eisenberg’s family cope through this difficult time. We have confirmed with PRCelebrity that the GoFundMe is on the up and up.


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