If you’re smart enough, dedicated enough – and sometimes, crazy enough – you can accomplish wondrous things. Witness Sam Battle (lookmumnocomputer.com) , and his love of creating music from electronic salvage.

He is so brilliant at making music and inventing machines to play it on, and his enthusiasm so infectious, that he has handily convinced well over a thousand people to send him money every month on Patreon so that he can keep doing it.

Eventually you attract the attention of people who make other creative things, who will pay you decently to carry on doing it some more. LEGO was the patron this time, and they commissioned Sam to create an amazing orchestra comprised of Star Wars™ droids!

Spoiler alert: it’s awesome. He used droids from the LEGO Star Wars™ Boost Battle Droids collection. The whole project required:

  • 30 iPads
  • 46 R2D2 droids
  • 25 GONK droids
  • 24 Mouse droids
  • 4 cellos
  • 10 violins
  • 8 xylophones
  • 8 keyboards
  • 5 all-nighters

The “how it was done” video is actually just as interesting as the the music video itself. How Sam puts together all this disparate technology into a single functioning mechanical orchestra is a fascinating dumpster dive into consumer technology and sheer creative madness.

I don’t know whats happening tomorrow, I’m a workaholic, so I’m sure it’ll turn out interesting.

Sam Battle – Look Mum No Computer


SCIFI Radio Staff
SCIFI Radio Staff

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