Netflix had teamed up with Matt Groening for their animated show Disenchantment, and the first part of the first season came out last year. Now the streaming service is gearing up for the second part of season 1, and we have a full trailer.

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Princess Bean finds herself being sucked into a destiny she’s been resisting the entire time. She ends up walking through hell to save a friend and helps restore her father’s kingdom, all the while having to deal with what a horrible person her mother truly is.

Bean wakes up from a nightmare to find that everyone in the kingdom has been turned to stone. Her mom is evil, and Elfo has died. It’s up to Bean and Luci to find a way through Hell to bring Elfo back and restore Dreamland to glory.

We’re going to have to wing this in a dangerously half-assed manner.

King Zog

We’re going to have to wing this in a dangerously half-assed manner.

The second part of the story looks significantly more Steampunk than the first part did, which was a much more traditional fairy tale gone wrong motif.

Besides the main storyline of Bean, Luci, and Elfo finding a way to bring Elfo back to life, it looks like Bean’s father Zog may well have some kind of redemption character arc as well. The show has portrayed him as mostly useless, with some active cowardice thrown in, but there are some clips in this trailer that show him actually taking action.

Catch the second half of Disenchantment when it hits Netflix on Sept. 20.


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