In Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con last Saturday, Jeremy Renner made the official announcement that his new Hawkeye series will be coming to Disney+, Disney’s new streaming service, in 2021.

21-year-old Marvel fan and apparently professional grade video editor Evelyn Jackson of Finland has coincidentally released a fan-made music video of Renner as Hawkeye, and set it to the song Main Attraction, sung by none other than – you guessed it – Jeremy Renner. This is fannish recursion in its highest form, and the video itself is pretty damned sweet. Ms. Jackson has a bright future ahead of her in production should she choose it.

Pause the music stream using the handy controller at the upper right before watching this. Oh, and there’s a little profanity, so this is marginally NSFW.

The new series will also introduce the character of the Young Avengers‘ Kate Bishop, and it’s being billed it as a chance to dive deeper into Clint Barton’s darker side as Ronin, while passing the torch (or should we say the flaming arrow?) to his younger protege. There’s no release date yet for the series, but it’s expected to appear on the Disney+ service sometime in Fall of 2021.

Yes, you can hear the song Main Attraction by Jeremy Renner (sans dialog and sound effects) cropping up in rotation on the live stream. Ya think we’d pass up a golden opportunity like this one?


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