The first teaser has been released for Disney’s live-action version of Mulan. To enjoy it properly, be sure to pause the player while you listen.'s TRAILER PARK

As reported in December, the live action version stars Chinese actress Liu Yifei as the beloved Chinese folk heroine. The scenery, costumes, and fight choreography are achingly beautiful.

The trailer focuses on the dichotomy between Mulan’s two destinies, one chosen for her, and one she chooses herself. The matchmaker explains what makes a good wife, then Mulan demonstrating the same traits as a warrior.

This live-action version looks closer to the traditional Chinese folktale than the Disney cartoon. There are no lucky crickets or family dragons to assist Mulan on her quest. There also aren’t any songs, surprisingly. This isn’t a musical. There has been contradictory information as to whether or not the new movie will echo the music from the cartoon, but it looks like Mulan isn’t going to be a musical. Instead, they’re going to rely entirely on story and action to hold audience attention. Be warned, though: this isn’t your usual Disney fare, and it might be a too violent for a five year old in pigtails expecting a Disney princess cartoon.

Liu Yifei has appeared in several martial arts films, which shows in the way she moves. The first Mulan movie, Hua Mulan Joins the Army, was filmed in 1927. This movie, entitled simply, Mulan, is scheduled for release March 27, 2020. There have been several movies about Mulan, both live-action and animated since 1927. She is as well known in Chinese folklore as Cinderella is in western literature. The animated Disney version was released in 1998 and its sequel, Mulan II, in 2005.

Mulan says “It is my duty to fight.” We say it is our pleasure to watch.

We have to wait a bit to see the finished work, though. Mulan goes to theaters on March 27, 2020.


Susan Macdonald
Susan Macdonald

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